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Picture the scene. You’re in the office. Sitting, staring at the computer. Maybe you’re on a conference call, or sharing a meeting with a bunch of idiots, whilst you drift off into space.

You find yourself asking:

‘why the hell am I here?’

‘there must be more to life than this?’

‘isn’t there a way that I can earn an income AND actually enjoy the process?’

‘How come they (X,Y,Z person) gets paid to talk about what they want? Surely there must be a way to make it possible?’

Recognise any of this? If so, you’re in the right place.

Straight up, BS free, no faff, no fluff strategies to build your blog and personal brand online.

Two years ago I was working in an office job. Stressed and creatively unfulfilled. I was sick of helping other people create their vision whilst leaving mine on the back burner. I got ill all the time, I was tired and I would cry when I got home from work. I almost never saw my daughter or husband apart from on the weekend, by which time I was too knackered to do anything.Sound familiar?!I had a huge passion for interiors and decor. I would daydream about working in that industry. My problem was that aside from decorating my own flat I had ZERO experience and ZERO contacts.

Then I thought, screw it. I’m gonna start a blog and show off my eye for style and it’ll somehow get me work in the industry. I was about ready to try anything to get out of that monotonous lifestyle. Of not being creatively fulfilled and never having anyone see my true worth or value. You might think that starting a blog to achieve those things sounds naive – and it was.

But it worked.

Now, 2 years later, with 2 major blogging awards under my belt,
I’ve left my full time job. I’m also working for myself (yep, no boss, just ME!) and I’m doing my dream job.

sarah akwisombe kirstie's handmade christmasOh yeah, that’s the time I was asked to be on TV decorating a christmas tree with UK TV presenter Kirstie Allsop!

Whoooah hold up….

I’m doing my dream job. The one that everyone told me was ‘too hard to break into’, and ‘too saturated’.


I get that right now you’re probably thinking ‘how on earth does this correlate to blogging?’

I’ll explain.

Getting where you want to in life is actually a VERY simple formula.

1. Decide what you’re going to do and achieve, with laser focus.

2. Build a platform online to launch yourself

3. Keep up the momentum.

That’s it. Honestly. I’ve done it. Twice actually. Because before I did this whole design thing, I launched myself as some kind of electro-grime-rapper-slash-vocalist back in the NU rave days. Yeah, lets’ not speak of it anymore, but I will say this. I didn’t realise it but back then I used the same formula. I decided what I wanted. I built a huge platform online and then I launched myself. I didn’t keep up the momentum, which is why I’m where I am now (and trust me you will thank the UNIVERSE for that, the world does not need a novelty pop-rapper from Croydon).

Now I work freelance as an interior stylist. I create inspiring imagery and have worked with some of the biggest names in the business. I design for my own clients and I am approached by brands that I adore every week asking me to write about them on my blog.

How do they all find me?
Via my blog.

I’ve featured in the UK’s biggest newspapers and I’m now a regular contributor for one too. I’ve even appeared on two major TV shows for Channel 4! Above all, I get to work from home when I want to and spend loads of time with my 3 year old daughter. I call the shots now. If I think family time has been lacking recently, I make space for it. Best of all, I’m getting to realise MY creative ideas. I’m building MY brand and MY vision, not someone else’s.

If I can think of it, it can happen. There’s no red tape or committee to validate my ideas.

Over time, I started to get loads of my friends ask me about how to build a platform online. Some of them wanted to start a new business. Some just wanted to start their own blog so that they could fulfil their creative ideas too. ALL of them needed a place where they could be in charge. A place to call their own. Where THEY CALLED THE SHOTS.

Ahhh – its so important to people like you and I isn’t it?


Main page the squad membership  I soon realised that actually, maybe I should try this whole teaching blogging thing. A few free webinars later it snowballed.

  The No Bull Blog School was born.

There are courses, content and membership. Something that’s the right fit for everyone.

Now I’m warning you, it’s not easy. I may have said the formula was simple, but the process requires hard work and determination.

But then, the fact that you’ve read to this point has me thinking that you probably knew that already…

See you inside.

Sarah x

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