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take your blog from ‘uurrgh’ to un-frickin-believable in a few easy steps…

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Are you ready to walk away from being bored out of your brain or creatively unfulfilled each day?

Whether it’s indulging in your passion, launching your own new business, creating a new career path or just making some money on the side then blogging is where it’s at and I’m telling you it’s do-able.

Building a successful platform online can help you to launch your bad-ass brand and open you up to a world of fun new opportunities.

Want to know how? You’re in the right place.

Cos’ If I managed to do it, then you can too.

I’m Sarah! You’ll see a fair bit of my face around here. I started blogging two years ago. Since then, I’ve turned it into a full time job and used blogging as a launchpad to a new career in the competitive creative industry of interior styling.

I had no contacts, no experience, and swear-to-god not a single clue about what I was doing!

The blog helped me shortcut all of that.

You can read my story here, or check out the links below.


Most successful bloggers want to keep their secrets to themselves.

Here I’m sharing all of the insider tips and tricks. Get fun and easy content to support you in creating a kick-ass blog.

No hype or BS info found here – cos’ who has time for that?!

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Sick of your day job? Want to make a living talking about things you love or even shortcut into a new career in an industry that you have no experience?

Blogging is the answer. I know ‘cos I did it.

Blueprint To Blogging is the no bullsh*t crash course to take your blog from UGHH to un-f**king-forgettable.

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Kate Watson Smyth is the brains behind multi award winning interior design blog Mad About The House.

In this upcoming free live session I’ll be interviewing the lady herself about how her blog rose to be one of the biggest in the UK interior blog industry and how she juggles her successful career with her family.

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